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DEPRUMO is a company that does all types of remodeling of houses, apartments, houses and commercial spaces.

We present ourselves as a differentiating brand and our core business is the recovery and remodeling of houses.

For us, each project is a unique project, in which we deal with all kinds of details with a view to an excellent result of the modification of Houses. We bet on an exclusive design carried out by our technical team.

We bet on the quality of the remodeling work, including technical execution and the aesthetic and architectural component.

The way we work is differentiated by the type of personalized service we provide to our customers who are thinking about remodeling homes.

We do a strict monitoring throughout the remodeling process, in order to ensure that everything goes as planned.

If you need to carry out any type of remodeling outside your home, DEPRUMO has a team of specialists at your disposal, which is mainly dedicated to remodeling and recovering everything that may be involved in a construction, be it a building, a store , an old house or a house that is partially or totally degraded.

At DEPRUMO you will find all the professionalism, quality and competence that are essential when it comes to rehabilitation and recovery work, as when presenting our proposal, you also have access to a completely detailed and rigorous budget.

We are specialists in all works of remodeling, repair, restoration and conservation of roofs, roofs, waterproofing of terraces, swimming pools, repair of cracks and rehabilitation of facades.

Refurbishment of Kitchens, Bathrooms and other interior spaces.

Kitchen remodeling projects include, custom kitchens, island kitchens, ergonomic kitchens. These are some examples of the various styles of kitchens that we execute, always taking care to give the space its own personality in order to make it perfect and functional as you always wanted.

Do not postpone the possibility of remodeling the kitchen and having a new space, not only for cooking but also making the kitchen a pleasant place where you can live with family and friends.

We have a very diverse offer in terms of floor and wall covering materials, which combined with creativity, results in a remodeling of your bathroom that is truly surprising.

There are countless styles that a bathroom can take on: a sober space, with more or less color or a SPA style, using more exotic materials, such as bamboo or teak. Our main objective in a total remodeling is that the bathroom meets the style and personal taste of those who use it. After all, it is one of the indispensable areas of the house!

We have the complete solution for the remodeling of your commercial space. We execute the work in its entirety, including the decoration of the space, always within the agreed values ​​and deadlines.

We create environments that strengthen the customer’s relationship with the brand. We resort to the creation of differentiating and innovative environments, full of personality.

We develop the projects and carry out the commercial remodeling based on the client’s brand. The objective is to achieve maximum organization and use of the available areas, creating contemporary environments and in accordance with the philosophy of each company.

At Deprumo, we carry out repair services, whether for electrical installations or plumbing.

We have at your disposal several solutions for water and effluent treatment.

Excellence Partners

We choose top partners to ensure that you get the best materials for any type of project.

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